Sculptures and Joint Artwork of Misha and Yovana Kravcev

Belgrade Bathing Lady with the original screen


Quitte unusually, Misha Kravcev use to work joint with his beloved wife, Yovana.

Their`s most famous public artwork is without any doubt a sculpture “Beokupacica” (A Belgrade bathing lady), placed in a one of main parks in Belgrade, between the houses of government and the monument of a “ turkish Bath”, just by the fountain. The sculpture is 1,30 m high.



This way, Belgrade is one of the rare capitals in the world which posses a sculpture done in 4 hands, exhibited on a busy public place.

Also, that place exactly is well known by one said memory, as the place of assasination of late prime minister, Zoran Djindjic

belgrade bathing lady, from the front, view from the government`s houses side

decorative forever, created in 4 hands


Also, beside the sculptures, they use to create and artpaintings “in a four hands” too.

Here is an artpainting “ decorative forever”, oil on canvas 101x73, first time exhibited in a public in june 2004 in Belgrade, during the fasshion show of the “Bina design”( the models were created by the kravcev`s artdetails from the various paintings), combinated with the exhibition of Kravcev`s artwork

Misha and Yovana Kravcev



New : Critics and a part of Kravcev`s newspaper pressclipping ( on Serbian)

current oil on canvas gallery

earlier artwork, now a part of various art collections

aquarell gallery

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Sculptures and Joint Artwork of Misha and Yovana Kravcev