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It is a question, how often theirs kids, also and adults why not, almost had a free time for some games, living in the country with two or more harvests in a year. But from some frescoes, we can make a conclusion, that theirs girls had a little bit more times than theirs boys.
Most of frescoes which surveys ordinary, everydays events, free times or games, are from Thel el Amarna, from the period od the Amenhotep, the revolutionary pharaoh, and his wife Nefretete, XVIII dinasty.
Mostly, these details on the picture above which are describing children in various games are made after that frescoes.
On the left, there is a survey of three boys in a well known game, the one which is knealing has to quess who clasped him. That survey doesn`t exist on any frescoe. There is one frescoe from Thel-el-Amarna, representing three young girls, but more maids or young ladies than a children in a similar situation. One is bended over, like for the leapfrog game, and other two are visiably clasping her back ( We haven`t still this frescoe, and if anyone could find it over the net, please, send it to us, or send to us even an address where the frescoe is existing). After the happily smiles of all three we could make a conclusion that thet are in the game, but that could be and a survey of dancing also. For the Old Egiptians, meaning of dancing in generaly were something much more deep than for us, in nowdays. One of the most important instruments of theirs holly dancers were hands and body in generaly, and clasping of the hands ant the body were a way of representing those things which were important in theirs performancing. Also, by clasping the body of the dancer in one purposed rhytm, they were `downloading` some excately vibrationes in the body of a dancer, and on this way she was capable to performed it more easy, excately, and on some obliged, archetypic way, something that was very important for them.In this target we have to keep information that those frescoes are from XIII, XIV century B.C.,after the liberation of Egypt, of the Hyksos, which changed theirs civilisation in the 6 century long ocupation. Because, before the xx century B.C., everything in Old Egypt were different.
The survey of two boys in wrestling is taken from some wall reliefs, representing professional wrestlers, males, in various positions, but perhaps that could be one of theirs ways of gaming, like the all other boys in the world, In every century.
On the right, there are some girls in a game with a ball. Two of them are bended over and the other two are riding them, while threwing and catching the ball. There is one frescoe from Thel el Amarna, representing princesses in very similar game (in fact by their hairdresses it is not sure that the frescoe is representing the princesses, because the obliged hairddress for princesses in that periode were different, but it doesen`t matter). The interesting fact is that this survey were represented in many encyclopaedias, and many times, perhaps because of hipocrisy and other typical things for this, our nowdays civilisation, the pictures were representing boys, not a girls. ( two of those various surveys we added on this page bellow. The picture on the right is nearer by the original, but it seems that some editor were a little shameful after his unknowledge, so he puted the boys as a rided persones). Here it is important to underline that for the Old Egyptian , the beauty of the women was measured by the beauty of theirs back, especialy by those two little dimples above a bottom. For theirs women, was also important that they are capable to carry some heavy things, for them, the role of male were to directing the things, and the female was something as the `stronger gender`, as a gender which is giving a born, and a gender which is connected for the Earth (males are connected for the sky). Or like by the habits of the beattle , the scarab, very important simbol for Old Egyptians. Here is also important, that in Old Egypt, the law of heredity was through the female descedents, not through the males, like in our civilisation today. For exeample, much later, the Roman procurator in the town of Arssinoy`s, finded that two of a third parts of the cityzens are brothers, married with theirs sisters.
Finaly, behind the survey of the four girls playing with the ball, there are two boys playing something very similar to a nowdays tenis or a badminton. There are some frescoes, againe from Thel el Amarna, on this target and on the some of them, there is the pharaoh in personaly, represented in playing that game with his wife.

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