A Woman Of The Minoan Civilisation
Les Parisiennes
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Ladies in blue

One of the first conclusion of excavations of the Knossos and Minoan civilisation, just at the beginning of XX century, was the surpricing high level of the art and decorations.
The fact which most impressed the archeologiests, was the beauty of their women, hairdresses, clothes and styling in generaly.
After the excavating of one of the first frescoes, one of them exclaimed in exaltation
-`But those are Les Parisiennes !`

la parisienne

One of the first excavated frescos from ancient Knossos,
named - La Parisienne

The Minoan civilisation was officialy called Minoan, after the legendary King Minos, which in fact was only the title of the rulers in old Cretian language. (Unfortunately, this language is still pretty unknown , and the `Phaestos disk` is still waiting to be translated)
The center of that reach and very high leveled civilisation was the iceland of Crete, in the Mediterranean sea, on the middle between the Greece and Egypt, with mostly two important cities, Knossos and Phaestos.
Nowdays, archeology could only confirm that about 3.500-3.000 B.C., the Minoan civilisation existed allready as a high progressed civilisation, and was existing untill 12,13 century B.C., when by the legend, Theseus the Athenian crushed the power of ` The house of Labrys`.
The power and influence of the Minoan civilisation was very expanded, on the whole north and east Meditterannien , and very visible in the architecture and art of ancient Mycena or ancient Thera (Santorini)
Minoan civilisation reached very high level in a progress of technic also. The first Robot, by the Myth, was maden on Crete (Thalos the monster), and legendary Daedalus was allready living on Crete, constructing various technical things for the king Minos.
Also, we all know about the legend of the Minotaur (a monster with a human body and a head of the bull, which was living in the labyrinth, by the mythology).




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